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Pár slov "do pranice" od ITIL-skeptika

Pod názvem "The pillars of ITIL are crumbling" se 3. dubna t.r. na ITSM portálu objevil článek, pod který se ( údajně z přirozených důvodů ) autor nepodepsal. Podle editora portálu je autorem ITIL profesionál, patřící k ITIL skeptikům. ( více snad na adrese ).
Podtitulek článku zní: "Is it time for OGC to hand over the reins?".
Celý text článku si můžete přečíst na adrese: ZDE-ZDE
Cituji z úvodu a ze závěru článku:
"According to IT Skeptic OGC’s ITIL isn’t growing at all. With v3, OGC is maturing what they have — documentation — but where is the surrounding infrastructure? As ITIL has grown in adoption it has also grown in scope to match. ITIL isn’t just books anymore and hasn’t been for some years. The growth that is happening is ad-hoc and outside the control of OGC or any one body. There are several components that make up the scope of ITIL, my “Pillars of ITIL." You may name a few more.
- Core content: Owned by OGC and tightly controlled through copyright. Good stuff.
Some uncertainty with v3 imminent.
- Complementary content: Well regulated and quality assured (others may debate this but most of the books seem to me to be in good shape).
- Governing board: There isn’t one. There is no über-body that represents all the stakeholders, has elected members, sets policy and strategy, and provides governance, for all the Pillars of ITIL
"Through mechanisms like IPESC and use of copyright, OGC have managed and governed the ITIL books well. Through the ICMB they controlled the individual certification industry. So we had three pillars that were in good shape. Certification is now on uncertain ground and we all watch to see whether it survives the advent of APMG. As for the content, we wait with baited breath. In all of the other Pillars, OGC has taken no official role and has let them drift or not exist. Someone needs to govern them all ("One ring ..."). Perhaps it is time for OGC to find a new owner for ITIL, or alternatively to step up to a higher level of management of the ITIL environment."