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A Fast, Practical Start to ITSM

"Best practices ITIL good start for ITSM".
S tímto podtitulkem se 20. srpna 2006 objevil na webu zajímavý přehledný článek dvou známých autorů. Chuck Kirchner and Mike Tainter napsali m.j.:
"...IT organizations must transform and align with the business to survive, and they must do so quickly. Having a complete understanding of the user experience is necessary in order to begin properly aligning IT to the business. Based on this understanding, IT can implement the processes, organization, and tools necessary to support these services. ... While each IT organization has specific challenges related to its business, they all share common themes. The most prevalent questions being asked today are: “What are the current business attitudes and expectations for IT?”; “What is my IT organization’s overall maturity level?”; “At what maturity level should we be?” Osnova článku:
- Customer Expectations
- ITIL and Service Support
- Process
- Organization
- Tools
Závěr článku zní:
"Whether driven by compliance requirements or the need to remain competitive, ITSM using ITIL best practices is the new standard for the delivery of IT services in support of business operations and profitability. The question is not if ITSM should be implemented, but how. Though implementing ITSM is no small task, it can be implemented now more quickly than ever and the benefits can lead to major gains in IT productivity now and well into the future."
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