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Rapid Implementation: The New Age of ERP

Is ERP too big for small and mid-sized companies?
As it turns out, quite to the contrary. Many forward-thinking
smaller companies are reaping huge benefits in a tough
economy by deploying integrated applications across the
entire organization – just like large enterprises have done
for years. What’s more, now there is available a ‘rapid ERP
implementation’ approach, which takes the big bite out
of ERP and leaves behind only the benefits.
5 Rapid Implementation Decision Factors
Urgency: Companies with an immediate need threatening
their viability or an issue that relates to customer responsiveness
and competitive pressures should consider rapid ERP.
Cost: Fast implementations by definition should cost
less. The time needed to gain benefits is also reduced
and the resulting efficiencies mean lower cost.
Scope: The best candidates for an enterprise keeping
an implementation well within the scope of the project
are willing to align their expectations with industry best
practices, are not expecting to fix everything at once,
and are looking for flexibility for future expansion. Such
enterprises know exactly what issues they are seeking to
address to drive their business forward.
Internal readiness: Enterprises must be well aware
of how much training will be needed by the implementation.
They must be willing to commit high-quality internal
resources to the project and should be aiming at not
interrupting operational resources.
Vendor expertisE : Enterprises should be looking for
vendors and partners with deep industry segment and
geographic knowledge, as well as expertise with mature
and proven tools and methodologies.