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ITIL is on the wane

Právě dnes, t.j. 24.1.07, se objevil v ITSM News odkaz na - řekl bych - silně provokační článek Noela Burtona. V ITSM News je uveden slovy:
"Is ITIL loosing its relevance and no longer the center of attention in the IT Service Management world? According to Noel Bruton it is, at least in the UK. In his column 'That was ITIL, That Was' he writes that ITIL has peaked and is on the wane. Bruton is wondering what will happen if ITIL is really dead. "With ITIL abdicating its own future, from where will the vendors get their guidance and differentiation? They'll have to start taking risks again", writes Bruton."
Z článku jsem vybral několik vět z úvodu a závěrečný odstavec:
That Was ITIL - By Noel Bruton
"Remember ITIL? Great, wasn't it? Once upon a time, we had all these processes, a magnificent structure from which we could hang our IT support services. I'm being very deliberate about using the past tense here - and that's because I believe that at least in the UK, ITIL has peaked. Actually maybe not just here, for I have it on good authority that in a major series of IT services seminars to be done by an Australian company next year, they won't be mentioning ITIL down there either."
"Of course what companies really want is to improve their IT support services. ITIL never really showed them how to do that, and it's clearly not planning to change that strategy any time soon. I cannot decide whether we're in for an exciting or depressing time. One thing occurs though - eighteen months from now, I doubt I'll be writing about ITIL."
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