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Change Control vs. Change Management: Moving Beyond IT

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"Change Control vs. Change Management: Moving Beyond IT",
napsaný autorem: Edwardem Stickelem.
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With some of its foundational texts now decades old, IT change management is one of the most studied and utilized elements of the systems and infrastructure management discipline. With so much academic thinking and so many years of practical application behind it, one would think that the effective management of change would now be commonplace in IT organizations and the companies they serve.
Change Control
The procedures to ensure that all changes are controlled, including the submission, recording, analysis, decision making, and approval of the change
Change Management
The Service Management process responsible for controlling and managing requests to effect changes to the IT Infrastructure, or any aspect of IT services, to promote business benefit while minimizing the risk of disruption to services
So what are some of the positive organizational benefits of instituting and developing a mature change management process? They include:
- Improved overall visibility into and communication of changes across a distributed enterprise - Assurance that only changes that provide true business benefit are approved
- Assurance that all proposed changes are scheduled based on business priority, infrastructure impact and service risk
- Improved ability to smoothly regress to a previous state in the event of change failure or unanticipated results
- Time to implement changes is reduced
- Disruptions to ongoing service provision are minimized
Some simple ways to mitigate these problems include:
Ensure that each change follows the complete procedure Communicate with all IT personnel and all outside providers to ensure that they accept Change Management, and do not try to implement changes without coordination Ensure that all changes are being actively evaluated Work with Configuration Management to ensure that CI changes are entered in the CMDB
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